13 Monsters Who Should Be Avoided

Come along with Professor LeGrand as he warns readers about the outrageous habits and appalling behavior of thirteen mischievous monsters whom the creature teacher hopes the readers never have to meet. There’s the…

*Scarce Sissyfoos: they live in dark wells by old country roads and dine on wet sneakers and unluck toads;
*Mess Monsters: they should not be let in in; they’ll paint pudding pie murals depicting a pig, stick bubble-gum wads in your aunt’s silver wig, cut paper dolls out of your dinosaur poster, and pour maple syrup into the toaster.
*Hedge-Standing Snit: be extremely careful while clipping your hedges–don’t snip a Snit’s hair with your clipper edges, for a fit-throwing Snit can be greatly unkind, and won’t be content until he’s bit your behind!

Author’s Note:
All monsters portrayed in this book are real. Any resemblance to imaginary monsters, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Age 6-10


“First-timer Austin’s illustrations have a surreal edginess, both in the style typified by elongated shapes, skewed angles and contorted shadows, and in the intriguingly irradiated palette in shades of vermilion, Day-Glo yellow and black-light green (his three-headed ‘Ralph, Ed and Joe’ sporting a ‘Kiss the Cooks’ apron is a highlight).”
— Publishers Weekly

“Michael Austin’s dark-toned pictures mix the surreal and the funny, and the occasional neon tinge leaves a suitably ghastly impression.”
— Washington Parent

“The dark, rich oversized illustrations are wittily frightening and the poems are cleverly rhymed and linguistically grand.”
— Judy Katsh–Children’s Literature