Sam Patch; Daredevil Jumper

Folks say that when Sam Patch was born, he jumped right into his mother’s arms. That was just the beginning! As a young boy working at a cotton mill, he jumped off the mill roof into the river below. When he was older, he jumped off cliffs and a ship, earning a reputation as a true daredevil. Then on October 17, 1829, Sam jumped into Niagara Falls! News of his death-defying leaps swept the nation—and Sam Patch jumped right into American legend.

Age 6-10

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    “Austin’s sepia-infused acrylics set a tone alternating between whimsical and haunting. The dynamic illustrations make exaggerated use of light and perspective.”
    — Publishers Weekly

    “. . . beautifully illustrated. . .”
    — Provo City Library

    “Austin’s illustrations likewise are
    appropriately energetic. Exaggerated features and odd perspectives emphasize Sam’s lanky frame and the daring heights to which he aspired.”
    — Kirkus Reviews

    “Austin’s sepia-toned acrylic
    paintings and unusual perspectives reinforce Sam Patch’s larger-than-life image.”
    — School Library Journal